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We started our discussions about the project that evolved into TEAMZ in one well known co-work spaces overlooking the Tiergarten.

Whilst impressed by very cool (and very expensive) design we liked the concept of flexibility for the modern work space. But after working with a team in another co-working, we realized that this is not the right “office” for us. Too crowded, load and not very productive to focused work. And yes - too expensive. We soon learned that many Berlin start-ups think alike.

We brought together our decades in real estate and PropTech investments, architecture and strategic consultancy to draft the blue print for TEAMZ: 

  • FLEXIBILITY is king and PLUG&PLAY is a must.
  • Many teams value PRIVACY over shared spaces.
  • Offer only the “must have” SERVICES (bye-bye yoga & onsite baristas).
  • DESIGN to be balanced with FUNCTIONALITY & COMFORT.
  • Focus on VIBRANT and CENTRAL PLACES (location, location, location).

That USP gave us a hell of a ride. We started with our first office in 2018 and have grown to 25+ offices by the end of 2020. We’ve managed many great and loyal tenants and have won over even the most demanding landlords.

And that is just the beginning!

Our goal is to become best provider of flexible HQs and private offices in Berlin and beyond.

Maxim Kurennoy & Nikolay Grachev
founders TEAMZoffice

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